Cloud Migration Options

So, your company has figured out the cloud is for them and they are in stages of figuring out how to make the move.  A company may have hundreds and in some cases thousands, yes I have personally seen cases of thousands of software projects, needing to be considered for the cloud.  First, you may be thinking the size of the task is too big.  It takes one step at a time.  The harder questions are: How does an organization identify software to move to the cloud?  How do they identify what needs to change in the app for the cloud?  How do they get people ready for the cloud?  This is where a cloud migration strategies comes into play.

Knowing the most common cloud migration strategies is helpful in assessing an application’s cloud migration path.  These can range from a no move to the cloud to a complex refactoring effort.  For an organization with a large number of migration candidates, a migration factory using the cloud migration strategies is the preferred method.  The factory helps improve velocity and quality of migrations over time.  However, first everyone needs to understand the six cloud migration strategies.

Six Cloud Migration Strategies


Migration Factory