Are you sure you are ready for the Cloud: Type of Cloud

Comparing two different clouds with a scale

Continuing this theme on “Are you ready for the Cloud”, we are going to move forward with a new question: What type a cloud?  That can be encompassed with many different connotations.  It could mean is t going to be hosted by a provider, or is it going to be an on-prem cloud?  It is it going to be managed or is it un-managed?  It could be a PRODUCTION cloud or is it a DR or a DEV cloud?

Today, we are going to talk about a new type, one based on Function.  How is that possible? Some clouds are actually designed for a specific purposed.  It’s easy to say that it is a PRODUCTION cloud or a DEV/TEST instance.  But what if you need a cloud to perform a certain way for only the applications that get assigned to it?

Take this for example: You need a cloud that can out perform your other clouds because you are going to move some high IOP dependent systems to it?  What do you do?  How do you build that cloud out to support what you need?

First, you need to have control over the whole cloud, not just the instances.  You can create individual high-speed instances if you use a hosted automated system, but if it is going to be an on-prem cloud, then you will need to have control over it.

We will continue the discussion in my next POST.