Are you SURE you are ready for the cloud? : Security of business

A cloud with a keyhole on it, implying it is secure

In my last Post, I went into the financial side of moving to the cloud. This month I am going to focus on the other main reason I have seen customers migrate to the cloud: Security of business.

When I say security, I do not mean username and passwords, but stability based off of the IT environment that causes companies to have a sense of security. Nobody wants their environments to be affected by uncontrolled or outside forces. Whether that is mistakes by companies digging in the ground around your datacenter or office and cutting a wire, or the electric company not doing a good job in keeping the power flowing. Things happen, and allot of times, there is nothing you can do about it.

There can be tons of reasons why you are concerned about the stability of your environments, but the main idea is to make sure you have your data available to your company when it needs it.

Moving to the cloud is one way of assisting you in your endeavor to stabilize your company. In some cases, you may have a company that is responsible for your environment, and depending on your company of choice, they can provide support to you 24 hours a day.

So, what parts, if not all of your datacenter, are you going to move to the cloud? That is a personal question that you and your company as a whole need to evaluate. Every company is different, and no two data centers are ever exactly the same.

You may have several application servers that could go to a co-location or into the cloud, but then you need to think about the databases that they need to communicate with. You don’t want to worry about paying for bandwidth charges for your apps to communicate with your local company because you separated the front end from the backend.

We will cover more examples on my next Post.